LifeBoard® is an interactive and participative game, which is practical and understandable, and therefore easy to implement. The game is fun and creates a lively and excitement-filled atmosphere. The program is relevant to youth and communities for the reinforcement of communication in a non-threatening environment. It allows for both extroverts and introverts to participate with ease.

The peer-led game has as its core the belief that prevention is better than cure and prevention can only occur through education. The game focuses on sharing information about prevention in a non-threatening environment, allowing participants to learn while building skills, personal development as well as social and political empowerment will be promoted.

LifeBoard® is engaging and interactive, as it makes use of singing, dancing, acting, debating, and drawing to encourage discussion around difficult issues such as rape and sexual assault.

Invite the LifeBoard Team today to come to your school and educate the learners about rape and sexual abuse! For more information or to place an order for a game please contact TEARS on (010) 590 5920, email, or visit: