The Company

TEARS Foundation, founded in 2012 is a Registered NPO and PBO that uses technology innovatively in the scourge against domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

Business/Product or Service

TEARS Foundation is responsible for the sourcing and collating of a data-base comprised of a fully comprehensive network of services; medical, medico-legal, legal and psychological, currently available throughout South Africa, for the assistance and support of survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

This data-base will be accessible to all South Africans, *free of charge, through a web and mobisite. By using a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) mobile interface, in conjunction with location-finding software, any South African with a cell phone will be able to receive an instant referral to the nearest available help facility, via SMS.

The Company produces/provides the following products/services:

Currently Our Main Product is:

  • Development and marketing of the TEARS database and web/mobi-site

Future Plans Include:

  • Producing informational leaflets/posters etc., for mass distribution, to provide information and create awareness of the website itself.
  • Community and school education programmes.
  • Creating revenue streams for additional funding, through the creation of merchandise for sale. These items will utilise the blue teardrop symbol, such as lapel pins, jewellery items, arm bands etc., and will be sold to raise funds and create awareness like the pink ribbons sold for cancer awareness.
  • Creating “Anti-rape ambassadors”. Celebrity is one of the most powerful tools we have to sway the attitudes of ordinary people, particularly children and teenagers; by using celebrity role models we hope to enforce the message that each person has the innate human right to the sanctity of their own body.
  • Expanding this product range, either by strengthening existing services or by developing new services to fill gaps in service delivery to victims. This will include, among other things, a 24-hour hotline answered by specially trained counsellors, referral to safe places for support, medical, legal, psychological services and counselling etc.
  • Developing and presenting culturally appropriate animated video clips in the vernacular languages, which promote respectful, safe, consensual sexual relationships and will emphasize that community apathy and silent acceptance of this dreadful onslaught is unacceptable. The videos will also help to direct victims to the nearest available help centre/s.
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Member of the Shukumisa coalition of over 60 organisations across South Africa working against sexual violence.

We have a vision of a South Africa where adults and children are free from sexual violence.

**We do not receive any funding from the government.